Saturday, May 17, 2008

hottest disney b**ches

my kids watch disney channel for the music........

In order...

10002- raven - put down the donuts fatty.
10001-6 - everybody else, darby from super sleuths to minnie mouse.
5. miley cyrus- you dirty girl. hooking up with jonas brothers and your dad is the best of both worlds
4. ashley tisdale - got a nose job and is probably getting on a co-star from the suite life. zac or cody, which ever is the fatter one.
3. brenda song- hot asian broad.
2. gianna from barney who is on wizards of waverly place- hot latino broad, but not the hottest latino broad.
1. the chick from choo choo soul- all aboard the choo choo train------you know the hip hop conductor is tapping that sh--


1 comment:

DisneyLicksMyTaint said...

The Choo-Choo latina bitch is getting 'trained' by that big black conductor (who doesn't even have any lines).